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Waste Tire Generator Registration - (Download PDF)

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*A copy of a current Business License must be provided by all Tire Dealers.

Pima County Waste Tire Disposal Rules:

  1. The information entered on this form shall be printed, legible, complete and accurate.
  2. Pursuant to Article 8 Waste Tire Disposal, A.R.S.§44-1302, F, Pima County is required to establish a registration procedure for their waste tire collection sites. In accordance with this statute, any business who generates waste tires in Pima County and desires to dispose of these waste tires in a Pima County Waste Tire Collection Site, must register and have a current Waste Tire Generator Registration Number.
  3. The program operator, CRM of America, will evaluate the form and assign a Waste Tire Generator Registration Number and provide a copy of the Waste Tire Disposal Manifest
  4. Each load of waste tires must be accompanied by a manifest, filled out completely, including the number of tires and the original signature of an authorized company representative.
  5. Waste tires will be accepted at the Pima County Waste Tire Collection Site located at 5301 W Ina Road.
  6. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Closed on County Holidays.
  7. Retailers and wholesalers of motor vehicle tires who have registered with Pima County, who make payments to the state Waste Tire Fund and who accept tires according to A.R.S.§44-1302 are eligible for free disposal, providing the previous quarter TR-1 Form is included with this application.
  8. Not covered under the state disposal program are any off-road tires, consequently, all retailers and wholesalers are subject to the current charge of $150.00 per ton, $30.00 minimum fee.
  9. Only waste tires generated within Pima County will be accepted.
By clicking submit, you certify that you are an authorized representative of the above noted Waste Tire Generator, and hereby agree to comply with all applicable Arizona Waste Tire Disposal law, regulations and ordinances.